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Creating a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style Syllabus for Equitable Learning Environments

Kristina Lee
Traditional approaches to course and syllabi design may treat students equally but are not necessarily equitably when it comes to recognizing the unique experiences and needs of individual students in the classroom. Every student comes into the classroom with their own experiences, obstacles, interests, and goals. Choose-Your-Own Adventure (CYOA) syllabus allows students to choose from a variety of different possible assignments (or even propose their own) in order to play to students' strengths, needs, schedules, interests, and goals while giving them agency over their own learning. At the same time, the CYOA approach helps students work toward the same overarching course objectives and goals.

We will discuss what a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure syllabus is, how it benefits student learning as an example of learner-centered teaching. The presenter will also discuss their experience using a Choose-Your-Own Adventure syllabus in the past, while reflecting on what worked, what didn't, advantages and disadvantages of the approach for both student and teachers, and what student evaluations revealed about the usefulness of the Choose-Your-Own Adventure format.

Teaching Effectiveness Framework Alignment: Student Motivation

Lunch will be provided.

This workshop is open to all faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Dates and Times:
March 23 - March 23, 2022 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Registration Deadline: March 21, 2022 05:00 PM
Registration is closed.
TILT 104
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