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Social Justice Pedagogy: An Introduction

Hailey Otis, TILT/Communication Studies & Jordin Clark, Communication Studies
Critical and social justice approaches to pedagogy insist that issues of democracy and social justice are not distinct from the acts of teaching and learning. These approaches aim to develop a critical consciousness in students as a first step toward political action as well as social and institutional change. Moreover, social justice pedagogy emphasizes the relationship between reflection and praxis and aims to give student the tools they need to name and transform the world around them in service of the liberation of marginalized groups.

Critical and social justice approaches to pedagogy are becoming increasingly more crucial in this time of political unrest, where logics of white supremacy are, once again, shown to pervade all institutions in the U.S., including spaces of education. This workshop will provide an introduction to Critical and Social Justice pedagogies and, together, we will imagine a future for our pedagogical praxis that understands and dismantles systemic forms of oppression and prioritizes liberation of marginalized groups.

This workshop will be offered live via Zoom.
This workshop counts toward the TILT Graduate Teaching Certificate.
This session aligns with the "Inclusive Pedagogy" domain of the TILT Teaching Effectiveness Framework.

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Dates and Times:
April 1 - April 1, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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Hailey Otis, 9704912645, hnotis@colostate.edu