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Anti-Racism in the Classroom

Fleurette (Flo) King
Faculty/instructors can contribute to an anti-racist campus for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color), multiracial/biracial, and white students. It requires understanding the barriers and strategies for incorporating anti-racist pedagogy. Students should complete CSU courses with critical skills to recognize and eradicate systemic racism in their academic field. This could enhance the sense of belonging and/or responsibility in an anti-racist campus. Faculty/instructors will gain an understanding of how both racism and antiracism impacts teaching and classroom engagement. Prior to the workshop, participants are required to review the CSU Student Lists of Demands from 2010-2020.

This session is part of the Racial Justice Training Series offered by the Office of the Vice President for Diversity.

This workshop counts toward the graduate teaching certificate and aligns with the Inclusive Pedagogy and Classroom Climate domains of the Teaching Effectiveness Framework.

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Dates and Times:
November 5 - November 5, 2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Learn More:
Office of the Vice President for Diversity, (970) 491-3030, diversity@colostate.edu