Event Information

University Libraries Master Teacher Initiative
MTI Session on Student Motivation

Karen Falkenberg and Tonya Buchan
Description: Motivation is triggered by the perceived value or benefit of the academic content or task. Student involvement and commitment to learning increases when an instructor uses a variety of researched motivation techniques. After completing the 1-hour session on student motivation, learners will:
• Describe the role neurotransmitters have on motivation
• Know growth mindset language in classrooms that supports student learning
• Examine personal self-talk strategies and their utility in fostering a growth mindset
• Describe the 4 self-efficacy sources
• Connect self-efficacy sources with growth mindset language
• Be aware of the TILT resources on motivation

Lunch registration: https://forms.gle/nKPb2SHmUUdWp9LS6 - please register by COB, Monday, Feb. 24th.
Lunch will be from Spoons.
Dates and Times:
March 2 - March 2, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Morgan Library 203
Learn More:
Renae Watson, 970-491-5338, Renae.Watson@colostate.edu