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Creating a Teaching Philosophy: Part I

Deb Colbert & Hailey Otis, TILT
As post-secondary teachers, it is becoming increasingly more important to articulate an individual teaching philosophy and that it be available for review when applying for a college or university faculty positions. This two-part workshop will give you the opportunity to learn about best practices in creating a teaching philosophy and/or give you time to develop/workshop your own teaching philosophy with TILT Professional Development staff available for guidance.
This workshop may be counted toward the 12 workshops required for the Graduate Teaching Certificate.

Registering for this part of the event gives you access to part I which will include the following:
An overview of the research on what potential employers are looking for in a Teaching Philosophy
An overview of the basic structure and central information that should be included
Ideas for strategies from CSU faculty and what they look for in a Teaching Philosophy.

If you also want to spend time developing and/or workshopping your own Teaching Philosophy, please register for Part II as well.
If you attend both parts, lunch will be served during the transition from Part I to Part II.

This Session aligns with the Teaching Effectiveness Framework: Classroom Climate

If you are having trouble registering for this session via MyLearning, please email Hailey Otis (hailey.otis@colostate.edu)

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Dates and Times:
February 13 - February 13, 2020 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
TILT 105
Learn More:
Hailey Otis, 9704912645, hailey.otis@colostate.edu