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Teaching the Importance of Scientific Communication: Elevator talks to Reading Primary Literature

Medora Huseby, :Ph.D.
The idea behind this session would be to showcase the different opportunities that are available to encourage students to discuss their research in an ‘elevator talk’ format using non jargon terminology, in a fast (30 second) way that engages their non-science/non-major peers and other lay persons. The second aspect to this session is to break apart primary literature to show students how to assess what the paper is saying into three parts: What is known previously (they say), what the authors discovered (I say/we say), and why it contributes to the field (so what). This is a simple exercise that will help students compartmentalize primary research into manageable portions, as well as set a foundation to critically assess primary research articles.

Learning Objectives for this Session include:

  • Identify ways to encourage students to discuss their research in nontechnical terms (the elevator talk)
  • Examine why elevator talks are an important skill for scientists of all levels to master
  • Discuss the difficulty of learning how to read primary research articles
  • Break down the abstract of a paper using ‘they say, I say/we say, and so what’ approach

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Dates and Times:
November 12 - November 12, 2019 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
TILT 104
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Debora Colbert, 970-491-2645, Debora.colbert@colostate.edu