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College of Natural Sciences Master Teaching Initiative Luncheon
Mentoring - Learned but not Taught

Dr. Paul Laybourn, Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
"Entering Mentoring" addresses best practices in mentoring including maintaining effective communication, aligning mentee/mentor expectations, equity and inclusion, promoting mentee research and educational self-efficacy, fostering independence and creation of mentee individual development plans. In this CNS MTI session, we will participate in two case studies to explore expectations for mentor-mentee relationships and promoting mentee professional development to Individual Development Plans (IDPs). We hope to provide a taste of and for what can be gained by participating in the nine Entering Mentoring workshop series. Please RSVP to cns_info@colostate.edu by Monday, April 22, 2019.
Dates and Times:
April 30 - April 30, 2019 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
LSC 386
Learn More:
Deborah Garrity, 970-491-2513, Deborah.Garrity@ColoState.edu