Event Information

College of Natural Sciences MTI Luncheon

Brian Jones
We all want every student to succeed, and we want them to understand that they are welcomed and supported. What strategies can we employ to achieve these goals? And, as importantly, what might we be doing that hampers our progress? There’s no single answer to these questions, and all of us have experiences that will shed light on this issue. In this session, we’ll spend most of our time in small moderated groups, sharing ideas and insights with our colleagues. You’ll get to meet and interact with folks from other departments, you’ll come away with an increased understanding of the issues at play, and you’ll pick up—and you’ll share with others—some practical suggestions of how to make your classroom more equitable and more inclusive. Please join the conversation! Please RSVP to cns_info@colostate.edu by Friday, October 6, 2017.
Dates and Times:
October 10 - October 10, 2017 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Lory Student Center Room 386
Learn More:
Dr. Deborah Garrity, 970-491-2513, Deborah.garrity@colostate.edu