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Integrative Global Learning: Strategies and Practices for Global Learning Across Curricular and Co-Curricular Experiences
Preparing Students for a Changing World: Global Teaching and Learning Series Fall 2017

Dawn Michelle Whitehead, Senior Director for Global Learning and Curricular Change, American Association of Colleges and Universities
In this interactive workshop, participants will explore opportunities to integrate global dimensions into their courses and prepare students for life and work in today’s society. Participants will draw on their own experiences and CSU opportunities for students as they consider revisions to their courses or the creation of new courses with an integrative global perspective. Workshop participants will also engage with global learning goals and outcomes as they connect their courses to broader campus initiatives. Lunch will be served. Please register HERE.
Dates and Times:
September 21 - September 21, 2017 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
LSC 376-378
Learn More:
Karen Gardenier, 970-491-0737, karen.gardenier@colostate.edu