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Student Evaluations (Mostly) Don’t Measure Teaching Effectiveness
CSU Ethics Colloquium

Philip B. Stark, Professor of Statistics and Associate Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of California, Berkeley
Student evaluations of teaching (SET) are widely used in academic personnel decisions as a measure of teaching effectiveness. Prof. Stark will discuss compelling evidence showing that student ratings vary with instructors’ gender, ethnicity, and attractiveness; with course rigor, mathematical content, and format; and with students’ grade expectations. He will demonstrate that SET are more sensitive to students' gender bias and grade expectations than they are to teaching effectiveness, with gender biases arge enough to cause more effective instructors to get lower SET than less effective instructors.
Dates and Times:
October 3 - October 3, 2016 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Engineering 100
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Debora Colbert, 970-491-2645, Debora.Colbert@ColoState.edu