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i>Clicker and Canvas

Nick Leinen
CSU will be using i>clicker 7.6.2 with Canvas this Fall semester. i>clicker 7.6.2 integrate provides a seamless integration of data between Canvas and i>clicker/i>grader. Using the i>clicker integration: •All students will need to register their i>clicker remotes directly through Canvas one time •Instructors can easily sync the class roster and student registration •Instructors can easily upload i>clicker session data into the Canvas Grade book Attend this session and learn how to set up your course in Canvas using i>clicker.

URL: http://wsnet.colostate.edu/cwis6/registration/Schedule.aspx

Dates and Times:
September 28 - September 28, 2016 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Morgan Library 171
Learn More:
Fran Campana, (970) 491-7976, Fran.Campana@Colostate.edu