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MTI Lunch | College of Natural Sciences<br><span style="color: #993300;"> Efficacy of Small Group Study in Large Lecture Classes</span>

Dr. Deborah Roess, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Free Catered luncheon. In this presentation, Dr. Roess will discuss various approaches that encourage small group study by students in large undergraduate courses and an evaluation of whether, in her experience, group exams are effective in promoting learning in that setting.

RSVP: To register for the luncheon, please send your RSVP to cns@lamar.colostate.edu by Monday, Feb. 18th.
Dates and Times:
February 21 - February 21, 2013 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
LSC 230
Learn More:
Deborah Garrity, 491.2513, Deborah.Garrity@ColoState.ed